AGM/tracking point Placement

-Detailed site documentation

-Handheld or Submeter GPS Co-ordinates

-Digital Photographs of the AGM/tracking point location

-Pipeline mapping

-Access details which include driving directions to each AGM/tracking point

-Unique Site names (not detailed below) which include the pipeline section, pipe size, valve numbers and AGM for each site

Inline Tool Tracking

-Assist in launching and receiving tools and verify the tool location in both the launcher and receiver

-Tool Tracking for Inline Inspection, gauge, cleaning, purges, commissioning, inhibitor and obstacle location in pipeline

Run Reporting

-Accurate and complete run reporting

-Run information is passed onto all parties involved within 12 hours of the tool arrival at the receive site


-Pipeline locates

-Survey anomaly locations for excavation purposes

-Depth of cover surveys

-Pigging trailer and Crew for maintenance pigging and support

-Picker Truck